Health Assistance S.C.p.A.

Manage your practices

By accessing the reserved area a user can:

  • Forward refund requests online – indirect form – directly uploading the medical and expense documentation required for reimbursement purposes
  • Request authorization for services to be performed directly at health facilities that are part of the Network
  • Integrate the medical and/or expense documentation required for the definition of reimbursement requests – direct and/or indirect – already forwarded but incomplete (practices in “suspended” status)
  • Check the status of refunds/PIC requests
  • View and download communications concerning suspended/rejected refunds
  • Look up available Benefits
  • Modify personal data
  • Look up the list of Health Facilities affiliated with the Network
  • Download forms
  • Download Reimbursement Summary Reports for the purposes of tax returns (at the end of the coverage period)
  • Read FAQs


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