At the service of health
and wellbeing

COOPSALUTE is the meeting point for the supply and demand of services in the sectors of integrated health, social services and health care and in the sector of corporate and private welfare.


Solutions for everybody

Come into the world of Coopsalute, you will be able to offer your services to those need then, improve the wellbeing of your employees or receive assistance and support

The Network
The network of facilities, organizations and professionals that take part in the Network are present throughout the country.



Coopsalute organizes proposals that are able to increase the wellbeing of employees and their families.


Mutual aid societies, Funds and Banks

Assistance, consultation and support for the management of requests for administration and management.


  • I was looking for a carer for my father in my city. I sent a request and Coopsalute quickly contacted me. It is a complete and efficient service.

    Lucia D. - Roma
  • For years I had been in the social field and since I came into contact Coopsalute I have had no more worries, they supply serious and concrete assistance for my company.

    Carlo B. - Viterbo


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