Birth and evolution of the first national service provider for third sector entities.

In 2008, from an idea by Massimiliano Alfieri the ‘the only reality specialized in the sector today is a Share Cooperative Company.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the Centrale Salute is an organization that deals with the management and administration of payments and reimbursements for healthcare services provided to beneficiaries of Health Funds, Casse di assistance or Mutual Aid Companies but also on behalf of insurance companies.

Its main task is to verify the adequacy of the Service Provider requested by the beneficiaries, process reimbursement requests and manage payments.

In practice, beneficiaries of health funds send requests for reimbursement to the central Service Provider, attaching the necessary documentation. The Service Provider verifies the admissibility of the requests on the basis of the criteria established by the health fund and proceeds with the settlement of the payments.

This modality simplifies the reimbursement process for beneficiaries of health funds, who can count on a single entity responsible for managing requests and payments. Furthermore, the central health plays an important role in the control and prevention of fraud in the health sector, verifying the authenticity of requests and ensuring that the reimbursed health services have actually been provided.

Having made this premise, let’s go back to 2008. The sector was completely devoid of those forms of contractual assistance which are now widespread through the CCNL through the Health Funds and the Service Provider which could really be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Massimiliano Alfieri – the founder

But the evolution of Integrative Healthcare was already written and it was only necessary to foresee its developments. So it was that from an idea of Massimiliano Alfieri, Roman entrepreneur the first Service Provider was set up with the aim of managing the evaluation and settlement operations for the Healthcare Funds and, more fully for the perimeter of the Third Sector entities which since 2017 have been expanded thanks to the entry of the Mutual Aid Companies.

The idea became a project and concreteness in a few months, thus Winsalute Srl was born which later, in 2015, became part of Health Italia S.p.A. leading company in Healthcare Services for third sector entities.

The need for a specialized Service Provider arose, according to Massimiliano Alfieri</a, from the different welfare nature that linked traditional insurance policies with the customer to the more social and solidarity-based relationship between a Health Fund and a Worker or between a Mutual Aid Company with its Member. Winsalute was created to reflect the nature of institutions and their purposes.

This new approach imposed new care paradigms that were not available on the market from the companies present.

In 2015, with the incorporation into Coopsalute then transformed of Health Assistance S.C.p.A, a more complete identity was sculpted.

In fact Massimiliano Alfieri wanted this Service Provider to also acquire in its legal form the welfare DNA, transforming it into a Cooperative animated by 44 Cooperator Members at the service of what today is defined and recognized as the best assistance service for Funds and Mutual Companies . Finally a story that we shouldn’t read from foreign magazines but that brings value to our Made in Italy.